What is Easyslim.nu®?

Easyslim.nu® is a slimming studio where, with the help of our device, you can loose bodysize  and build up muscle tone.

Through treatments with the system bodyfat is removed via ultrasound technique, while at the same time muscles are built up through electrical stimulation. As a result even cellulite will dissapear and flabby skin will get tight again. What you can not even achieve with a strict diet or intense sporting is now possible!

The number of treatments depend on the amount of bodyfat and what you ultimately want to look like. Both breaking down bodyfat and building up muscles happen without any effort of your own. The device does all the work! Therefore there is no risk of injuries.


The benefits of Easyslim.nu®

  • Direct loss in centimeters*
  • Bodyfat definitely gone*
  • Muscle building*
  • Strengthening of skin and connective tissue*
  • Cellulite reduction/removal*
  • Completely painless
  • Totally safe
  • Excessive moisture is removed from the body*

*Results may vary per person

John de Wolf at Easyslim.nu

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